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Collect data digitally

An office full of archived documents and contracts is hardly impressive, neither for clients nor customers. That’s why we created a software solution that offers more than just a template solution.

We create a bespoke digital portal for your company for simplified data entry that doesn’t rely on an internet connection, keeping your files secure and always accessible off and on-line.
Each digital portal can be assigned to the department of your choice and is created to meet the needs of the department, whether that be sales, marketing or finance.

Recording and maintaining a digital collection of data is something that has become incorporated in our daily lives. Whether that be through mobile phone applications or even the Post Office. 

Going digital can offer a 40% time reduction in repetitive tasks as well as ensure that time is invested into making the correct decisions.

Automate your workflow

Making the most out of your data means making the most of your time. Introducing an automation pipeline can significantly enhance processes and reduce administration efforts.

SmartSaaS can help reduce the amount of tedious and repetitive tasks that staff must undertake, giving you and your staff the ability to focus on better things.

Ensuring that your current data-streams have a central point of communication is crucial to optimising processes. Our software ensures that information flowing in from multiple sources can be analysed easily, ensuring that the information follows the same data conventions.

As a business, we often find ourselves relying on a number of different software, each for a different purpose, that helps make our life easier. SmartSaaS can help introduce automated tasks that can be executed at the click of a button to complete repetitive tasks.

Every business is different and we know it’s not easy to understand where automation can be implemented to optimise business data. That’s why we will work with you to create software that meets your needs.

Generate centralised reports

Despite the vast number of solutions to data reporting, here at SmartSaaS, we understand that smaller businesses don’t have the time to train staff members on new applications nor hire developers on a full-time basis.

Our solution offers you the convenience and power of complex data reporting, without the need to learn any new software.

Time is always of the essence, and spending it well is where leaders excel. Our solution presents data in a digestible format at the click of a button, so you can focus on what’s most important, progress.

We present your data in graphical format and you can choose how often the data is presented and it’s method of delivery, whether that’s a fixed e-mail on Friday afternoon, or a local directory link reminding you to take a peek.

Our reporting solution provides information that is easy to understand and presented just the way you like, providing customisability options to always keep up with your business’ demands and scaling up with you as you grow.

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