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About Us

Automate your data workflow with SmartSaaS

Born out of the realisation that many SMEs do not have access to simple, data reporting tools that can help target weaknesses of a business at a glance and provide crucial figures in a simple, digestible format enabling rapid action.

SmartSaaS is a company focused on modernising the data workflows of SMEs, we work with our clients to create a data structure which is the basis of a centralised system for all of their reporting needs giving management access to up-to-date information without the element of human error.

Our aim

Our aim is to provide growing businesses an alternative to physical paperwork, turning instead to digital and eliminate the arduous process of compiling data.

 Our products are aimed at SMEs who wish to transition away from manual paperwork to a digital format, we feel that the industry is shifting towards a smarter way of thinking and working and we don’t want small businesses to be left behind. 

We are also advocates of the environment and wish to do our bit, hence you will find that we avoid paper where possible. 

Current Solutions

Our current product offering include; a solution for enabling digital signatures on traditional contracts, a solution for the collection of data using digital forms and a solution for reporting collected data in a graphical view with automation, we also offer a service that creates Bespoke Digital Products customised for your business using the latest .

The systems on offer provide an accessible alternative and ensure that your data is structured and centralised through digital means. In essence, we provide systems that collect your data and store it on your network resources, presenting said data in a graphical and digestible way when required.