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SmartSaaS offers custom data solutions designed around your business needs

At SmartSaaS, we focus on getting your business optimised and streamlining your data flow. We understand the complexity of purchasing and training staff on new software and hardware.

That’s why we use solutions that you are familiar with to give you maximum results in the least amount of time, making access to all important data insights about your business swift and easy.

We thrive in IoT based solutions, optimising network performance and offer a range of products that can enhance your data-flow and produce graphical reports.


Our bespoke media offering enhances your social and online presence ensuring that you reach your potential audience with maximum impact through services like web design, custom branding and SEO recommendation.

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Why our clients choose SmartSaaS

  • Everything in one place

    A centralised source of data located on your office network keeps your files secure and accessible

  • Save time

    Time is always of the essence as far as your business is concerned, rapid deployment and minimal training will ensure that your workflow remains smooth and efficient

  • Save Money

    Profitability should always be a major aspect of your business, keep your software costs low by employing one system that can do it all

  • Local technical support

    Despite the rarity of issues, having someone to speak to when problems do occur can help alleviate errors with ease

  • Reliable source for businesses

    Our software does not require a stable or persistent internet connection, letting you focus on you work even when network conditions are not optimal

  • Scalable implementation

    Our software works together seamlessly to guarantee a solution that can scale across your departments with ease, we work with all kinds of industry professionals to understand the requirements of your business